Compact Digital Cameras = Pocket-Sized Fun

How Good Are Compact Digital Cameras ?
Compact digital cameras are easily slipped into you pocket or purse, making them a great choice for photographers on the go. But don't let their small size fool you. While they may not offer all the bells and whistles and manual controls of their full size counterparts, these are serious cameras that can take superb pictures without weighing you down.

While the results achievable with a point and shoot camera in macro mode probably won’t compare with a DSLR with a purpose built macro lens, we have still seen some remarkably good shots with compact digital cameras.

Some photographers are fortunate enough to own the mighty DSLR cameras with macro lenses - but there are also some who shoot with a compact point and shoot camera even professionally.

Sizes Of Digital Cameras

There are three basic sizes of digital cameras. Knowing what size camera suits your needs will make your search much easier.

Compact Digital Cameras

The advantages of compact digital cameras is that you are more likely to have a compact camera with you when that "great" photo opportunity occurs. Compact sized digital cameras are designed to provide a moderate feature set, stylish looks, and a tiny, easy to pocket size. However, they are generally more expensive than standard-sized cameras with similar features.

Standard Digital Cameras

Some are reasonably compact, but they are usually too large to drop in your pocket. Standard sized digital cameras are similar to 35mm point-and-shoot models in appearance and features.

Professional Digital Cameras

This category includes Professional SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras, which are just like traditional 35mm SLRs. If you care more about robust features like interchangeable lenses, flashes, and other accessories, you will most likely have to consider a larger-sized camera. Only the most serious amateur photographer will demand the flexibility of these cameras, and they are usually larger and heavier than compact or standard models. These cameras are designed for professional and serious amateur photographers who require manual control and the ability to change lenses easily. 

Using Your Compact Digital Camera

First of all, you should always select Macro Mode. It is the first step and many are compact digital camera owners haven’t explored the shooting modes that their camera has. It is generally used for the clear image and it generally increases the clarity of the image. Macro mode is generally symbolized with a little flower and when selected it will tell your camera that you want to focus on a subject closer to your lens than normal (the minimum distance allowed will vary from camera to camera - consult your instruction manual to find yours). This mode will also usually tell your camera to choose a large aperture so that your subject is in focus but the background is not.

Use a Tripod. In compact digital cameras, a tripod can be particularly useful as it makes the camera rigid for some time as long as the user wants. Keeping your camera still not only improves your shots but it allows you to play around with different settings without losing your composition.

Use the aperture mode. Once in this mode some compact digital cameras will not allow you to make many other adjustments but if you are able to play with your aperture settings it can be well worthwhile to do so. The main thing that aperture impacts is the depth of field of your shots. Choose a small aperture if you want a large depth of field with everything in focus or a large aperture if you just want your main subject in focus.

Make sure you have the right composition. Make sure your image has a main point of interest and place that focal point in a smart position in your image in order to draw the eye of your viewer. Try to select a non cluttered or simple background for your main subject so as it doesn’t compete with it visually. This makes sure of the composition of the image.

 If you care more about price and features than compact size, choose a standard size digital camera. In compact digital cameras it is helpful to have full control over focusing - especially when you have a shallow depth of fields where it is all the more important to make sure the right part of your shot is in focus. If your camera allows manual focusing select this option and manually focus on the part of our subject that is the main point of interest. If you take pictures often and want the convenience of carrying your camera with you all the time, select a top-rated compact digital camera. 

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End Date: Wednesday Mar-21-2018 18:28:00 PDT
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Nikon COOLPIX 16.1 MP Compact Digital Camera w/ 5x Optical Zoom
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Fujifilm X70 Compact APSC Camera
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Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Compact Camera with Batteries, Charger
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Leica X2 Digital Compact Camera With Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH Lens (Black) New
End Date: Monday Mar-26-2018 13:31:38 PDT
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NIKON COOLPIX S6900 16MP Compact Point and Shoot Camera 12x Zoom - #3014
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Sony NEX-5R 16.1 MP Compact Digital Camera + Kit lens + extra batteries
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Canon IXUS 185 / ELPH 180 20MP Compact Digital Camera Black
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Sony Cyber‑Shot DSC‑H200 20.1 MP Compact Digital Camera- 1/L387205A
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Canon PowerShot IXUS 145 / 20MP Compact Point and Shoot Camera
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